Terms Of Service

Pre-Reservation Service

Online pre-booking services are for informational purposes only and are intended to allow the user to check the availability of a room in the allocated hotel or city. The user will receive an email within 24 hours, will be forwarded after booking and approved by Mineo Hotel. The user must confirm the booking confirmation and immediately notify Mineo Hotel of any errors in writing.

Purchasing Procedure

When using the Service, the user receives an email confirmation confirming that the purchase orders are in the process of being approved. If you are a customer, you will receive an email confirming this after the corresponding payment has been made for your reservation; this email will be used as proof of your reservation. The name on the credit card used to make the booking must correspond to the guest staying at the property. The credit card used to make the reservation is requested to verify that the information provided on arrival is correct.

Termination of Contract or Cancellation of Reservation

Credit card is only a guarantee. There is no charge for cancellation in advance, provided that the cancellation by the user is made before the deadline specified in each country (local time at the hotel) on the date of arrival. After passing this threshold, Mineo Hotel will receive a cancellation fee as compensation for the first night (including VAT and taxes).

Policy on Minors

Minors under the age of 18 staying in the Hotel must be accompanied by their parents, teachers or other duly authorized adults. Hotel staff may require relevant documentation identifying adults as parents/teachers of authorized persons.

Prices Per Room and Night

Prices are valid only in writing and for the specified period. Mineo Hotel reserves the right to change these prices without prior notice where there are justified reasons.

User Services

The user undertakes to use the services in accordance with these general terms and / or purchasing conditions as well as the law, moral standards, good customs and public order. As a result, user services may damage the services, Mineo Hotel and / or its image, which in any way, may damage the rights and interests of the third parties specified in these general terms and / or conditions of purchase.

Online Check-out

The online check-out form shows the total price the user must pay during their stay at Mineo Hotel. The price shown on the online check-out form is the price corresponding to the purchase of services provided by Mineo Hotel (plus VAT and applicable taxes) by the user and, where applicable, additional costs that the user may incur before the day. All additional costs used by the user during their stay at Mineo Hotel and are not included in their initial booking for the room are accepted by the user (including but not limited to the following): start price, lunch or dinner at the hotel restaurant, mini bar purchase, hotel car park, etc.)

Use of Account Information

It is recommended that Mineo Hotel process the information provided by the account holders for the following purposes: Manage reservations and / or pre-bookings requested by the user. Confirmation or documents are sent for the reservation made. If approved, send commercial communication on behalf of Mineo Hotel. For proper service delivery, Mineo Hotel will process the following data categories: Identification of data: name, surname, nationality, contact information: e-mail address, telephone number. Transaction data for Mineo Hotel and products and services: Products or services purchased or interested. Economic, financial and insurance data. Other data: data provided by data subjects in open spaces. The data requested from the member is mandatory for proper service delivery and failure to provide such services will mean that the services cannot be provided. If the requested data is not mandatory, this form will be noted. If the user provides data about third parties, Mineo Hotel assumes no responsibility for their acceptance and commitment to provide them with the information in the Privacy Policy. However, Mineo Hotel may carry out periodic checks to verify this by observing the data protection regulations.

Data Storage

The personal data provided will be retained throughout the contractual relationship and, after termination in the same manner, during the limitation period in legal proceedings that may arise from it.